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What Pokemon are you? Empty What Pokemon are you?

Post  tiffysixpack on Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:48 pm

This forum looks dead, but I'll try anyways with Facebook and such.

Alrighty guys, pick whatever pokemon you like/suits you the best! Any generation is fine but most people seem to stick with 1st generation. Just pick one please.

Bryan is the exception. Because he's training everyone, he'll be the pokemon trainer.
Bryan: So far, I think he'd make a pretty good Ash Ketchum. Now that I think of it... Bryan is a way better Brock.

Sarah: Pikachu hands down. Unless she wants to be something else, then I dunno.

Danica: Everyone likes Jigglypuff, Benji and Keshawn suggested Jynx but Danica wants to be Vulpix instead. I disagree with Jynx but either Jigglypuff or Vulpix is fine.

Keshawn: Charmander or Charmeleon or Machop or Mankey... these are good choices. Not sure which one to choose,.. hmmm

Devin: Machoke. Possibly can be a 4 armed Machamp if he decides to take steroids and work out all the time.

For me, I rather love Vanillite because it's a freakin ICE CREAM pokemon. If you guys know what pokemon actually looks/acts like me than say something!

So argue and decide what is best!


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