visualization is key!!!

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visualization is key!!! Empty visualization is key!!!

Post  freezee on Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:32 am

newbies, you guys whould all watch this video

pay attention to the details, envision yourself doing these movements, where do they step, how does the leg move, at what point in the rotation do they slap their foot, where is the power for the kick coming from etc. i really think it'll help you guys with your jumps. i've been watching the video over and over again, analyzing it and then pretending its me. when i go to the wushu school to train, i imagine the video in as much detail as i can in my head, imagine that it's me doing the movement to perfection, and then i go. i really think it helps a lot, try it out!

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visualization is key!!! Empty Re: visualization is key!!!

Post  AznBryBry on Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:32 pm


Visualization is a very key part of wushu and one that we do not practice enough. When I had trouble getting aerials I would take 15 seconds and visualize myself doing aerials in my head and then attempt an aerial and hit it. Now there are some key points to make sure you hit when you visualize something.

    1. Make sure you are visualizing a very good aerial or whatever jump you are trying to attempt. To do this watch lots of videos of professional wushu athletes jumping and then replace their face with your face.
    2. Remember the key facts on how to do the jump like closing up, turning your head, body position, etc. The more detail you think about the better.
    3. Go into the jump with confidence
    4. Repeat. Doing it once is not enough, you need to do this multiple times otherwise your body will not remember it.

Visualization isn't only applied to jumps. It can be applied for kicks, combos, and whole forms as well. For instance, when preparing for competition and I am not at practice, I visualize myself going through my whole form in my head. This helps in not only making your movements cleaner but also in helping you memorize your form.

Visualization isn't something that will immediately change the way you do wushu, it takes time and patience. Most importantly, In order to make visualization work, you NEED to know what your body is doing. It can be the approach to a jump, the way you kick, etc. This way you can think about what needs to be done differently in order for it to be better. If you have no idea what your body is doing and you keep visualizing yourself doing the move correctly but not correcting yourself, you will screw yourself over. However, if you know what part you did is wrong, then you can proceed to correct it and improve.

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