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Post  AznBryBry on Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:07 pm

Key elements to a good front slap kick.
1. Loud slap between the hands
2. Loud slap when your right foot hits your right hand
3. Fast kick upwards AND downwards
4. Make sure your slap occurs at head height.
5. Hand goes back to original position after slap has occurred

Q. So how do you get a loud slap between your hands?
A. You have to practice to get a loud slap between your hands. I used to just practice the motion of the hand slap by itself and figuring out how to configure my hands to get the loudest slap possible. For me, my loudest slap happens when the back of the fingers of my right hand hits into the palm of my left hand. Experiment around by yourself and you will find the loudest area to slap.

Q. How do you get a loud slap between your hand and your foot?
A. Point your toes. For a loud slap to occur you need a lot of surface area to hit. If you don't point your toes, your palm will end up hitting your toes and not creating a slap. Another aspect of having a loud slap is a fast kick.

Q. How do you get a fast upwards AND downwards kick.
A. This is up to your muscles. If you practice a fast upward and downward kick during practice and with all other kicks you will develop the muscles for fast kicks. The important part is to be consistent with this. Do this long enough and your kicks will be faster and that will get you louder slaps.

Q. How to make the slap happen in front of your face.
A. Flexibility. If you are not flexible enough to make the slap happen in front of your face or higher, you should stretch outside of practice. During practice really relax your leg and push the kick higher. Eventually, you will be able to get your kicks to your face.

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